Scavenger: Fine Art Gallery, Jewelry Boutique, and Specialty Wine Shop

ScavengerFew things are more satisfying than to have actualized one’s creative talent or to have been delighted by the artistic vision of others. The scavenger gallery, connected to the Hotel Coolidge lobby, aims to catalyze reactions between artists and the public; to facilitate collaborations and expand new horizons around topics of intrigue. It’s a gem of a space that gives valid work a place to be recognized.

Stacy Hopkins

Founder of Scavenger Gallery/International Jewelry Designer

Stacy HopkinsOriginally from Hanover, Stacy received her goldsmith’s certification in Florence, Italy, where she began her career as a jeweler. After spending 10 years in Florence, Stacy recently returned to the Upper Valley and opened Scavenger Gallery in 2011.

Stacy had been on the search for a retail space to start her business and had expressed her ideas and clear vision to David Briggs from the Hotel Coolidge. Later that year, he contacted her with the ideal space for the gallery; a great storefront directly connected to the Hotel lobby. In the quaint up-and-coming setting of White River Junction, there has beet a wonderful symbiosis of creative businesses, artists and people that have contributed greatly to the inspiration and success of the gallery; It’s become a vibrant scene of socialization with an international aesthetic and feel.

41 S. Main Street
White River Junction, VT 05001
(802) 295-0808