You've heard of Community Supported Agriculture?  We want to be your Community Supported Hotel!

We now offer a Pre-Buy option – excellent for trips here to Vermont or for out-of-town guests.

We’re excited about this – it will really help us and provide you with a very nice discount in the meantime. Please see what you think and call or email for more info.

Here's how it works: Buy points toward a room stay, at a deep discount.  Points never expire, and can be used for yourself, or out of town guests, friends, family.

Spend $99, get $150 room credit. Spend $499, get $800.Spend $999, get $1750.  And yes, you can combine it with other discounts, and there are no restrictions!  

Applicable to hotel room stays. Contact to purchase.  No expiration date. Must be purchased a minimum of seven days prior to booking.